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Bridal Services/Agreement

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I am an on-location full-service airbrush artist with approximately 20 years of memorable experience.  After all that time, I hope you can appreciate that I keep it simple.

There is an essential services agreement that operates much like a services menu, with no confusing packages.  


At a regular rate, 90.00 per face or full hair and mu for 180.00. Also, if so desired, a bride's practice is at discounted price as a thank you for your business. 

All full faces include lashes if desired.  The makeup is designed for a 24-hour day.  

Complete hair services are available; depending on the size and timing of your occasion,  an entire staff of extra artists is available to accommodate. 

To reserve your date, you will be asked for a 50% deposit of designing services on your event.


For the most accurate estimate, a one-on-one conversation is recommended.  Schedule a time or just call at your convenience.  We will go through any questions you may have and an accurate estimate of your service needs.  As well as some shopping for services FYI, no matter whom you choose for your provider.  Please feel free to email  or call 920-915-8442; let us have a conversation.

Again, Congratulations!

Thank you for your consideration, 

Law,  Colour Law


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